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Viking Ragnar Lothbrok is a young farmer and family man who is frustrated by the policies of Earl Haraldson, his local chieftain who sends his Viking raiders east to the Baltic states and Russia, whose residents are as poor as the Norsemen. Ragnar wants to head west, across the ocean, to discover new civilizations. With assistance from his friend Floki, Ragnar builds a faster, sleeker fleet of boats to help him make it to the Western world. Through the years Ragnar, who claims to be a direct descendant of the god Odin, continues to struggle with Earl until the two face each other in a final battle for supremacy. Following that, Ragnar goes on a search for new lands to conquer.

Vikings S04E00 A New World 480p HDTV.mkv – 143.4 MB
Vikings S04E01E02 480p HDTV.mkv – 361 MB
Vikings S04E03 480p HDTV.mkv – 192.9 MB
Vikings S04E04 480p HDTV.mkv – 180.8 MB
Vikings S04E05 480p HDTV.mkv – 196.6 MB
Vikings S04E06 480p HDTV.mkv – 181.2 MB
Vikings S04E07 480p HDTV.mkv – 139.4 MB
Vikings S04E08 720p HDTV.mkv – 311.6 MB
Vikings S04E09 480p HDTV.mkv – 141.4 MB
Vikings S05E10 480p HDTV.mkv – 200.6 MB

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