The Path Season 3

The Path Season 3
The Path Season 3

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Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”) stars in this Hulu original as Eddie Lane, a member of a new-age spiritualist movement known as Meyerism. Unbeknownst to his wife and children, who are also members of the movement, Eddie has a vision about Meyerism’s founder that causes him to have a crisis of faith — right as he is expected to advance further up the spiritual ladder. Eddie decides to secretly meet with a Meyerist defector, causing his wife (Michelle Monaghan) — an important figure in Meyerism — to become suspicious. As the movement grows exponentially worldwide, Eddie is forced to face the question of whether he can grow Meyerism without becoming a cult leader.

The Path S03E02 480p Web-DL.mkv – 235.6 MB
The Path S03E01 480p Web-DL.mkv – 255.7 MB
The Path S03E03 480p Web-DL.mkv – 226.5 MB
The Path S03E04 480p Web-DL.mkv – 250.6 MB
The Path S03E05 480p Web-DL.mkv – 222.1 MB
The Path S03E06 480p Web-DL.mkv – 200.1 MB
The Path S03E07 480p Web-DL.mkv – 253.8 MB


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