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At the helm of the USS Nathan James en route to the Arctic, Capt. Tom Chandler learns that the destroyer will be in the best possible place — a circumstance his crew must utilize — to save humanity from extinction. A virus has wiped out more than half the population since the ship embarked, and despite orders from the U.S. government to return, Chandler — believing home is now a shadow of itself — decides the safest place to develop a vaccine is at sea. That task falls mainly to virologist Dr. Rachel Scott, a civilian originally assigned to the Nathan James to study birds. “The Last Ship” is based on a novel by William Brinkley and is executive-produced by filmmaker Michael Bay (“Transformers”).

The.Last.Ship.S04E08.480p.mkv – 187 MB
The.Last.Ship.S04E07.480p.mkv – 179.2 MB
The.Last.Ship.S04E06.480p.mkv – 212.8 MB
The.Last.Ship.S04E05.480p.mkv – 157.8 MB
The.Last.Ship.S04E04.480p.mkv – 239.8 MB
The.Last.Ship.S04E03.480p.mkv – 208.7 MB
The.Last.Ship.S04E02.480p.mkv – 207.9 MB
The.Last.Ship.S04E01.480p.mkv – 220 MB

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