The Exorcist Season 2

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Father Tomas Ortega and a newly collarless Marcus Keane head out on the road away from Chicago searching for other evils to uproot and extinguish. Andrew Kim is a former child psychologist running a group home for five at-risk foster children on an island off the coast of Seattle. He finds that one of his children has been targeted by a powerful demonic force. When Tomas and Ortega discover this, they head west to use their skills and faith to help rid the child of the possession. At the Vatican, Father Bennett is doing his part to rid the world of evil by attempting to root out those that have turned against God.

The_Exorcist_S02E01_480p.mkv – 146.9 MB
The_Exorcist_S02E02_480p.mkv – 133 MB
The_Exorcist_S02E03_480p.mkv – 164.9 MB
The_Exorcist_S02E04_480p.mkv – 137 MB
The_Exorcist_S02E05_480p.mkv – 132.5 MB
The_Exorcist_S02E06_480p.mkv – 127 MB
The_Exorcist_S02E07_480p.mkv – 151.6 MB
The_Exorcist_S02E08_480p.mkv – 111.7 MB
The_Exorcist_S02E09_480p.mkv – 176.7 MB
The_Exorcist_S02E10_480p.mkv – 119.5 MB
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