Devilman Crybaby Season 1

Download Devilman Crybaby Season 1

Akira’s best friend tells him that ancient demons have returned to take back the world from humans and suggests that he unite with a demon. Akira successfully does that, transforming into Devilman, a being with a demon’s powers but who retains the soul of a human. This sends Akira into a brutal, degenerate war against evil. With fear of demons gripping the world, humanity devolves into paranoia and violence and Akira sets out to save other demon-human hybrids like himself.

Devilman.Crybaby.S01E10.480p.WEB-DL.RMTeam.mkv – 82.5 MB
Devilman.Crybaby.S01E09.480p.WEB-DL.RMTeam.mkv – 80.4 MB
Devilman.Crybaby.S01E08.480p.WEB-DL.RMTeam.mkv – 66 MB
Devilman.Crybaby.S01E07.480p.WEB-DL.RMTeam.mkv – 62.7 MB
Devilman.Crybaby.S01E06.480p.WEB-DL.RMTeam.mkv – 75.9 MB
Devilman.Crybaby.S01E05.480p.WEB-DL.RMTeam.mkv – 57.1 MB
Devilman.Crybaby.S01E04.480p.WEB-DL.RMTeam.mkv – 52.8 MB
Devilman.Crybaby.S01E03.480p.WEB-DL.RMTeam.mkv – 58.9 MB
Devilman.Crybaby.S01E02.480p.WEB-DL.RMTeam.mkv – 73.2 MB
Devilman.Crybaby.S01E01.480p.WEB-DL.RMTeam.mkv – 79.2 MB

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