Counterpart Season 1

Counterpart Season 1
Counterpart Season 1

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Latest Update: Counterpart Season 1 Episode 5

What might be different if a person could co-exist in an alternate world? Howard Silk, a low-level agent whose career is winding down at a Berlin-based United Nations spy agency, unwittingly learns the answer. Upon discovering his organization is harboring a secret, that of a gateway to a parallel dimension, Howard becomes immersed in a mysterious world of espionage, intrigue, and government conspiracies. There, the only man Howard can trust is Prime, his almost identical counterpart from a divergent reality.

Counterpart S01E05 480p WEB-DL.mkv – 129.1 MB
Counterpart S01E04 480p WEB-DL.mkv – 160.8 MB
Counterpart S01E03 480p WEB-DL.mkv – 141.4 MB
Counterpart S01E02 480p WEB-DL.mkv – 136.2 MB
Counterpart S01E01 480p WEB-DL.mkv – 173.8 MB


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