Beyond Season 2

Beyond Season 2

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Latest Update: Beyond Season 2 Episode 10

When Holden wakes up from a coma that lasted 12 years, the young man discovers that he has new abilities, which land him in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. Now that he is out of his coma, Holden must figure out what happened to him during the past dozen years and how to survive in the world that has changed significantly while he was in his coma. But perhaps the biggest question of all is why it happened to him. As Holden tries to adjust to adulthood — all he remembers is being a child — mysterious Willia warns him not to trust the people around him.

Beyond S02E10 480p HDTV.mkv – 140.4 MB
Beyond S02E09 480p HDTV.mkv – 159.8 MB
Beyond S02E08 480p HDTV.mkv – 148.5 MB
Beyond S02E07 480p HDTV.mkv – 121.4 MB
Beyond S02E06 480p WEBRip.mkv – 141.2 MB
Beyond S02E05 480p WEBRip.mkv – 150.1 MB
Beyond S02E04 480p WEBRip.mkv – 140.7 MB
Beyond S02E03 480p WEBRip.mkv – 175.5 MB
Beyond S02E02 480p WEBRip.mkv – 116.4 MB
Beyond S02E01 480p WEBRip.mkv – 123.4 MB

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