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A United States Army base serves as home to an elite unit of helicopter pilots trained to perform clandestine international and domestic missions. These highly skilled soldiers test the boundaries between military discipline and human desire, as layers of personal and military secrets come to light. Flashbacks reveal details of a failed mission involving one of the unit’s first female pilots, while in the present, the team works on a daring plan to rescue a group of soldiers that has gone missing.

Valor.S01E13.480p.x264.mkv – 169.6 MB
Valor_S01E12_480p.mkv – 194.5 MB
Valor_S01E11_480p.mkv – 201.1 MB
Valor_S01E10_480p.mkv – 190.5 MB
Valor_S01E09_480p.mkv – 154.2 MB
Valor_S01E08_480p.mkv – 198.3 MB
Valor_S01E07_480p.mkv – 191.7 MB
Valor_S01E06_480p.mkv – 192 MB
Valor_S01E05_480p.mkv – 226.8 MB
Valor_S01E04_480p.mkv – 198.4 MB
Valor_S01E03_480p.mkv – 210.7 MB
Valor_S01E02_480p.mkv – 218.9 MB
Valor_S01E01_480p.mkv – 198.2 MB

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