The Brave Season 1

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In the dark and complex world of America’s elite undercover military heroes, Defense Intelligence Agency Deputy Director Patricia Campbell and her team of analysts wield the world’s most advanced surveillance technology from headquarters in D.C. All the while, Adam Dalton and his heroic Special Ops squad of highly trained undercover specialists use their unbreakable bond and commitment to freedom to save lives of innocent people and execute missions in some of the most dangerous places in the world.

The Brave S01E01.mkv – 197.2 MB
The Brave S01E02.mkv – 197.6 MB
The Brave S01E03.mkv – 179.5 MB
The Brave S01E04.mkv – 225.5 MB
The Brave S01E05.mkv – 175.6 MB
The Brave S01E06.mkv – 162.6 MB
The Brave S01E07.mkv – 184.7 MB
The Brave S01E08.mkv – 267.7 MB
The Brave S01E09.mkv – 190.7 MB
The Brave S01E10.mkv – 181.4 MB
The Brave S01E11.mkv – 182 MB

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