Taken Season 1

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Driven by personal tragedy, former Green Beret and CIA operative Bryan Mills specializes in deadly rescue missions — using his “very particular set of skills.” Assisted by Christina Hart, his handler back at headquarters, Mills sets out on assignment, armed with his unique expertise, high-tech capabilities and fearless determination. Whether it’s the life of a loved one, a treasured possession or a dangerous international secret, Mills stops at nothing to get back what has been taken and punish those responsible.

Taken_S01E01_480p.mkv – 141.5 MB
Taken_S01E03_480p.mkv – 158.5 MB
Taken_S01E02_480p.mkv – 149.5 MB
Taken_S01E04_480p.mkv – 159 MB
Taken_S01E05_480p.mkv – 137.8 MB
Taken_S01E06_480p.mkv – 135.4 MB
Taken_S01E07_480p.mkv – 161.2 MB
Taken_S01E08_480p.mkv – 139.9 MB
Taken_S01E09_480p.mkv – 160.4 MB
Taken_S01E10_480p.mkv – 163.5 MB

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