Human Planet TV Mini-Series 2011

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Latest update Human Planet TV Mini-Series 2011 Episode 8

This BBC/Discovery Channel co-production was filmed in dozens of locations around the world over a two-year period and documents how humans interact with their natural surroundings. The six-part program travels to extreme locations to show people who survive in those locations by building complex relationships with their animal neighbors and nature’s hostile elements. Each episode is tied to a particular habitat, including the Arctic rivers and oceans, mountains, grasslands and jungles, and deserts. Mike Rowe, the voice of “Deadliest Catch” and host of “Dirty Jobs,” narrates.

Human.Planet.S01E01.BluRay.480p.mkv – 230.3 MB
Human.Planet.S01E02.BluRay.480p.mkv – 230.4 MB
Human.Planet.S01E03.BluRay.480p.mkv – 230.3 MB
Human.Planet.S01E04.BluRay.480p.mkv – 230.5 MB
Human.Planet.S01E05.BluRay.480p.mkv – 230.2 MB
Human.Planet.S01E06.BluRay.480p.mkv – 230.6 MB
Human.Planet.S01E07.BluRay.480p.mkv – 230.4 MB
Human.Planet.S01E08.BluRay.480p.mkv – 230.7 MB

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