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Irish-American detective Kevin Corcoran, a former boxer, returns from the Civil War and finds that his wife is missing and his daughter, dead. Working the notorious Five Points Neighborhood in New York, he tries to learn what happened to his family. Two wartime friends — a wealthy industrialist’s wayward son and a talented black doctor who share a secret with him — assist in his search for the truth. The friends take Corcoran to the contrasting worlds of elegant Fifth Avenue and an emerging black community in rural northern Manhattan, as they help the detective in his struggle to maintain his moral compass in a turbulent world.

Copper S01 E10.mkv – 150.8 MB
Copper S01 E09.mkv – 150.8 MB
Copper S01 E08.mkv – 150.7 MB
Copper S01 E07.mkv – 150.8 MB
Copper S01 E06.mkv – 150.7 MB
Copper S01 E05.mkv – 150.9 MB
Copper S01 E04.mkv – 150.7 MB
Copper S01 E03.mkv – 150.9 MB
Copper S01 E02.mkv – 150.9 MB
Copper S01 E01.mkv – 150.6 MB

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